Provide the best ads that suits your video content with a brand new way driven by AI.
A novel service for online advertising on computer communication networks, streaming of data and R&D in the field of video AI.
Keeping the whole pie
You can keep 90% of ad revenue. It’s double the revenue compared to other video/media platforms.
Ads actually get clicks
Advertise at the right time to maximize ad effectiveness. Increase advertising CTR effectiveness.
Cross-Device Experience
Display ads formatted Multi-Screen ads Support web and all smart tablets with iOS or Android OS.
Carefully tailored ads for each key moment

Skippable Pre-roll video ads

Display skippable pre-roll video ads that is relevant to the first moment of your video. This ads allow viewers to skip ads after 5 seconds.

Skippable Mid-roll video ads

Seamless streaming video ads that are relevant to your video content. Ads are inserted at the right moment to minimize interference while providing, a better mid-roll ads experience comparing to traditional methods.

Overlay Banner ads

Contextual Overlay ads will appear on the lower portion of your video at the right time to provide a much better banner ad experience. This prevents inappropriate ads appearing in your video.

Easy to Apply


Provide your basic website and contact information for us.


We will send you an SDK and notification after confirming your application. Meanwhile, you can refer to the technical instructions to understand how to integrate SDK to your website.


Review your income from ads.